Swinging on monkey bars, climbing ropes, scaling walls and flipping a 36-kilogram tire over and over again.

That's how some Calgarians will be getting fit in 2016 now that Cor. Fit, the largest indoor obstacle course in Canada, has opened in the industrial southeast.


The facility features a number of obstacles seen in races like Tough Mudder and Spartan. (CBC)

The 15,000-square-foot playground was designed specifically for adults looking to ramp up their fitness and train year-round for outdoor races like Tough Mudder and Spartan.

Kevin Halliday, one of the founders of the facility, was competing in those types of races all over North America but realized there wasn't anywhere in Calgary to train.

"The popularity is so strong right now that we looked at this as an opportunity," said Halliday, co-owner of Cor.Fit.

'Cor' stands for Canadian obstacle course and Halliday says his facility has more than 100 to choose from.  

"Workouts are workouts, but doing obstacle course racing will totally blow your mind."

Halliday says the facility also provides training so people don't get injured.

"We're not an open gym. You do it as a class setting so you learn the proper technique, [how] to climb a wall and a rope."

Indoor obstacle course

The 15,000-square-foot facility is located in the industrial southeast of Calgary. (Falice Chin)

Every class starts with a warm up, which could include a combination of running, push-ups, lunges and rowing.

Then, trainers like Sandra Anderson walk you through the obstacle de jour.

"When you're working on machines, you're not using your whole body. Here, you're using your whole core, your body. It's more functional fitness," said Anderson, who's also a co-owner.

"We as adults, when we get older we don't move [as much]. This will keep you mobile and flexible." 


Kevin Halliday, co-owner of Cor.Fit, runs up the warped wall feature of the obstacle course. (CBC)

Cor.Fit's next open house is Jan. 16, however classes are already up and running.

The facility will also be regularly hosting obstacle race competitions in the New Year.

With files from the CBC's Evelyne Asselin and Falice Chin