Calgary police are frustrated that messages about the dangers of impaired driving aren’t getting through after an accident that took the lives of two people on the weekend.  

A 23-year-old man has been charged with impaired and dangerous driving causing death following the deaths early Sunday of the driver and passenger of a car that was rear-ended near the airport.

A Dodge Avenger was stopped at a red light on McKnight Boulevard at Deerfoot Trail early Sunday when a westbound Lexus slammed into it from behind at high speed, police said.

The impact pushed the Dodge forward more than 50 metres killing the 27-year-old driver instantly. A 24-year-old passenger later died in hospital.

Duty Insp. Shawn Wallace said it's frustrating for police.

"Any time when two people lose their lives in this type of accident it's a horrible loss of life and very preventable," he said.

There have been several traffic fatalities in the past few weeks in which alcohol is thought to have been a factor.

Two men in their 20s died in an early morning crash Oct. 30 when their Dodge Caliber sped through the intersection at Sarcee Trail and John Laurie Boulevard and was struck by a truck.

And officials say it’s a miracle nobody died in an accident last weekend when a compact car carrying nine people — including two in the trunk — flipped over.

That driver is facing drinking and driving related charges.

Jenna Callaghan, who works at a bar, said staff members try to keep impaired patrons off the roads, but sometimes people are determined to drive drunk.

"There are a lot of messages out there, all the MADD advertisements, bars offering ads for ‘keys please’, and offering to call cabs. I don't know, I don't know what is going to make it hit home for people."