IKO fire in S.E. Calgary under control, Ogden Road reopens

Roads are reopening in the Bonnybrook area following a fire that is sending black smoke above southeast Calgary.

5 fires on roofing material manufacturer's property since 2001

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety are now investigating an independent contractor after a fire Tuesday at IKO Calgary, a shingle manufacturing facility. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

Roads are reopening in the Bonnybrook area following a fire that is sending black smoke above southeast Calgary.

The fire sent black smoke billowing into the Calgary sky. (@marlastewart/Twitter)

Calgary fire crews successfully fought a building fire Tuesday at IKO Calgary, a shingle manufacturing facility at 1600 42nd Avenue S.E.

"Someone was cutting asphalt and reported a fire in the vicinity," said fire spokesperson Carol Henke"Fire crews are working very hard to contain the fire and keep it from spreading to other buildings on the compound." 

The three-alarm blaze was called in shortly before 11 a.m. MT Tuesday. Calgary police said the building was evacuated safely.

The fire department was monitoring air quality.

For much of the day, police closed roads in the area. As of 4:30 p.m MT, Ogden Road was open, but 15 A Street and part of 42nd Avenue S.E. were closed. 

2nd building caught fire

Police confirmed Tuesday afternoon that a second building nearby caught fire.

A spokesperson for the global company said about 150 people worked at the Calgary location.

The company says incidents like this are incredibly rare and it puts tremendous focus on the safety of its employees and the community.

But the facility has been the site of four other fires since 2001 and an employee was electrocuted in a workplace accident, according to city records.

  • December 2007: Foreman electrocuted at work.
  • July 2007: Roofing material catches on fire.
  • December 2006: Fire on roof of a building.
  • August 13, 2001: "Buffalo board" catches on fire.
  • August 7, 2001: Small fire put out by staff.

Jim O'Brien, who works in a building nearby, says it's frustrating to be forced out of his own company's building because of fires at IKO.

"It doesn't surprise me," he said. "Although they got a brand new building that just got built. I think it's the first time that one's been on fire."