'I killed my husband,' Sundre woman tells 911

A Calgary jury heard a compelling 911 call on Tuesday made by a woman who said she had just shot her 68-year-old husband.

Heather Wilson Duncan claims her husband gave her a loaded gun, but she thought he was joking

A Calgary jury heard a compelling 911 call on Tuesday made by a woman who said she had just shot her 68-year-old husband.

The tape was played as Heather Wilson Duncan's second-degree murder trial got underway in a Calgary courtroom.

"I think I killed my husband.... Please come, please come right away, please come," the 911 call states.

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For 36 minutes, Heather Wilson Duncan pleads with the people at the other end of the 911 call to send help to her Sundre-area home in southern Alberta — telling the same story over and over again.

In the call she seems disorientated, and has trouble relaying her rural address to 911 dispatchers.

She later confirmed her husband was dead.

“He’s dead, I killed him, I killed my husband ... oh God, oh God, oh God.”

Wilson Duncan says she and her husband were drunk and got in a fight. She said her husband poured a bottle of wine on her.

Wilson Duncan said she was sitting in front of the fireplace when he handed her a loaded gun and told her to shoot. 

"He gave me the gun," she said. "We were fighting and he said it was loaded."

On the tape she says she thought he was joking, but Barry Duncan ended up dead.

Defence lawyer Jim Butlin says it was an involuntary or accidental discharge and Wilson Duncan should be acquitted.

"I think the 911 tape shows she was distraught, intoxicated and quite confused," he said.

If she is found guilty, it is an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 years.