This school bus was heading down a hill Wednesday when the driver lost control. ((Glenn Francey/CBC))

No one was hurt when a chain-link fence went through the windshield of a Calgary school bus filled with schoolchildren Wednesday morning.

The school bus was behind George P. Vanier Junior High on 32nd Avenue N.E. at 8:15 a.m., heading down a hill on an icy road, when the driver lost control.

The bus went up a curb and hit a chain-link fence. The top rail of the fence missed both the driver and a couple of students, according to firefighters. A fence post followed, also missing the driver, but taking the corner off a seat in the front row and partially trapping a girl in the second row. 

"I can't believe how lucky these kids were," said fire Capt. Willie Underhill in a statement.

He said if the bus had travelled another metre or less, it might have tumbled down a hill.

When firefighters arrived, they stabilized the bus, calmed the children and helped the shaken girl who had been trapped by the pole.

Calgary Board of Education spokesman Ted Flitton said staff gave the students a snack in the cafeteria and made sure they were OK before sending them to class.


A chain-link fence went through the windshield of a Calgary school bus on Wednesday morning. ((Glenn Francey/CBC))

"I certainly hope their investigation questions whether the city should have been doing more to attend to the roads, because this could have happened anywhere, it could have been anybody," he said.

City road maintenance spokesman Rick Sample said the road is a "priority three," which means it wouldn't get plowed and sanded until 24 to 48 hours after a snowfall.

"We will have the district take a look and see if there should be any change in the way we are treating it," he said.

Also Wednesday morning, six students were hurt when a school bus crashed into a ditch north of Edmonton. Weather was not a factor in that crash, RCMP said.