The Siberian husky that mauled a newborn boy to death in the southern Alberta city of Airdrie was part of the family's dogsled business, CBC News has learned, and had never caused problems before.

The family owns a number of Siberian huskies and operates a supply business for dogsledders.They also participate in dog races in both Alberta and B.C.

Emergency crews were called to a house in the city's Kingsland area after the husky attacked the baby on Wednesday around 10 a.m. MT. 

'Obviously it is an unimaginable event.' — RCMP Insp. Tony Hamori

The baby was rushed to Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, but died around 10:30 p.m.

The RCMP held a news conference Thursday but said it wouldn't be releasing any names or further details about the incident out of consideration for the family. The CBC has agreed to respect their privacy.  

"Obviously it is an unimaginable event," RCMP Insp. Tony Hamori said at the news conference.

The family told police that they have never had issues with the dog in the past.

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They also have a two-year-old child and have never seen any aggression before.

The husky is in quarantine in Calgary while officials consider its future in consultation with the family.

Police are not considering laying any criminal charges.

"Unfortunately, it is just a very tragic accident," Hamori said.

Emergency responders who were at the scene will be offered critical incident stress debriefings, Hamori said.