The Calgary Humane Society has a challenge finding a home for its latest addition this Christmas — a little pig.

The two-month-old goes by the name "Santa's little helper."

Phil Fulton with the Humane Society says the two month old pig was found roaming the street in Ramsay.

Pig for adoption

This pig known as 'Santa's Little Helper' is up for adoption from the Calgary Humane Society. (Courtesy of Calgary Humane Society)

“A wee pig like that didn’t have much hair and so he was very cold and had a lot of skin irritation because of that. His skin was bright red,” said Fulton.

“I can only imagine what the poor little guy was going through that day.”

Fulton says he'll grow to be quite large — and pigs aren't allowed in the city.

He says anyone who's interested in giving him a home needs to know what they're getting into.