How Steal My Sunshine became an accidental summer hit

On this week's edition of his summer music series on CBC Radio One's Calgary Eyeopener, Chris dela Torre explored the history of Steal My Sunshine, a 1999 hit for Toronto band Len.

The Calgary Eyeopener’s Chris dela Torre with the story behind Len's summer single

It gave a then-unknown Canadian band it's big break, and its only taste of global fame to date.

On this week's edition of his summer music series on CBC Radio One's Calgary Eyeopener, Chris dela Torre explores the history of Steal My Sunshine, a massive hit in the late 1990s for Toronto band Len.

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The song, which hit No. 1 in Canada and No. 3 in the US, came together on a whim. On a break from recording Len's third album, band leader Marc Costanzo and his sister Sharon recorded the song, sampling the disco hit More More More by The Andrea True Connection.

"Steal My Sunshine almost didn't even come out," dela Torre says.

"Marc Costanzo basically put the master tapes under his bed and forgot about them for a year and a half."

After a change of heart, Len decided to include the song on its 1999 album, Can't Stop The Bum Rush.

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Fourteen years later, it remains the only No. 1 hit of the band's career. Len has continued to record and perform sporadically through the years.

The band released its latest single, It's My Neighbourhood, last fall.