Even after losing everything, a victim of last month’s flooding has been volunteering to help other people affected by the disaster.


Jocelyn Rempel's southwest Calgary house was ruined by the flooding last month. (CBC)

Jocelyn Rempel’s house in the Erlton area of southwest Calgary was so badly damaged it had to be condemned.

"It was pretty devastating … you picture your life there, then all of a sudden, it's gone," she said.

But Rempel, who operates a food truck — Farm Girls — still went out to feed volunteers and evacuees.

"This is our community, this is people that we know. And we just wanted to help," she said.  

And that's the same idea someone else had, when they hired Rempel's food truck to cater a Stampede party.

Halfway through the night, Rempel realized the party was a fundraiser for her.

"And she raised about $2,000 for us," she said.  

Rempel is waiting to find out from her insurance company whether or not she will be able to rebuild.