Efforts to ban hookah bars in Alberta got a boost recently with officials in Airdrie deciding to prevent one from opening in that city.


A bid to open a hookah bar in Airdrie was recently denied. (CBC)

There are about 30 establishments in Alberta where patrons can use the Middle Eastern water pipes to smoke shisha, a flavoured concoction that traditionally has tobacco in it.

With tobacco banned in bars and restaurants, shisha is now made with herbs instead.

But health officials in several provinces, including Alberta, have said even without tobacco, smoking shisha produces dangerous second-hand smoke and shouldn’t be allowed in bars.

Airdrie Ald. Ron Chapman said the decision to reject an application to allow a hookah bar in that city was an easy one.

"We've had numerous letters against the hookah. We haven't had any for it. Nobody has said ‘you know we want to have this,’" he said.