Some homeless organizations in Calgary are urging those with eyes on moving to the city to come prepared.  

The warning comes in response to new census numbers that pinpoint Alberta as the fastest growing province in the country.

"I am a bit worried about people who come here who can't afford to be here," said Tim Richter, from the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

Dennis, 60, just arrived in Calgary from Moncton with a backpack, looking for work — anything, he says.

"Right now I'm going to a shelter," said Dennis, adding it wasn’t really what he had expected.

"Things might turn out better."

Canada Mortgage and Housing, however, estimates that a person needs to be making about $36,000 a year to rent a one bedroom apartment.

The Mustard Seed's Marlow Ramsay said that's surprising for many people.

"We see a lot of people come through this shelter who have just shown up. It's harder than people think."