The owners of the former Holy Cross hospital say they will fight charges laid by the fire department.

Drs. Ian and Peter Huang of Enterprise Universal are charged under the Safety Codes Act.

The nine charges include failure to maintain the fire alarm and sprinkler systems, as well as not having a proper exit.

Calgary deputy fire chief Brad Lorne said inspectors gave the company an order to fix the same issues in 2008 and this time, they went straight to charges.

"This followed an inspection. We were alerted to some issues in the building a number of months ago," Lorne said. "It took us a number of months to investigate and try to work with the owners and we discovered they had some issues with their life safety systems."

The Huangs said they will fight the charges and say the building is safe and the fire safety system has an applicable certificate.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of thirty thousand dollars.