The British-designed Mosquito WWII fighter-bomber is one of the planes set to be restored after history buffs in Calgary raised the necessary funds. (Courtesy Gavin Conroy)

History and plane buffs in Calgary have successfully raised enough money to restore two World War Two-era planes owned by the City.

The City of Calgary has had a twin-engine Mosquito and a Hurricane fighter plane in storage for years. It agreed to let the Calgary Mosquito Society restore the planes if it could raise the required $800,000 within two years — and it has.

"Eighty-eight per cent of the people responding to the City's questionnaire, as their first choice, said, 'Let's keep and restore both airplanes,' and it turns out that wasn't just a good idea," said RIchard de Boer, the society's president. "It was something that people were willing to stand behind and to support financially."

De Boer says the Mosquito will be restored in Nanton by volunteers while the Hurricane will be professionally restored by a company in Wetaskiwin.

Both restored warplanes will be returned to Calgary for static display several years from now.