A police officer diverts traffic away from a flooded Bragg Creek road during June's floods.

Highway 758 into Bragg Creek reopened Saturday morning, 100 days after being completely washed out by the June flooding.

The Elbow River swallowed 600 metres of the highway during the flood and cut off access to Bragg Creek from the south. Since the washout, crews and contractors have worked roughly 2,400 hours to redesign and rebuild the highway.

"Highway 758 required extensive engineering and reconstruction work to reopen and today marks yet another milestone in a series of significant work and investment to help residents of Bragg Creek and southern Alberta recover and rebuild," said Kyle Fawcett, associate minister of regional recovery and reconstruction for the area.

Before reconstruction could happen, the Elbow River had to be moved into a new channel to divert it away from the work area.

Alberta Transportation worked with Alberta Environment and federal fisheries and sustainable development officials to make sure the proper environmental protocols were followed when dealing with fish capture, silt control and water quality monitoring.

Recovery work will continue along Highway 758 and drivers are reminded to obey all signs and signals. 

Fines for speeding are doubled in construction zones when workers are present.