Some people in High River are doubtful about the town's plan to have flood barriers in place by the spring.

Hundreds of people attended an open house Wednesday evening to get an update on the flood mitigation plans, which include a massive network of dikes and berms.

The goal is to have the new barriers in place before May 15 of this year.

"It's feasible. It's going to be a pretty intense construction schedule. We're already lining up contractors and material to make it happen and at this point we're pretty confident that it's going to happen," said Reiley McKerracher, the engineer in charge of the project.

Some people at the open house were not convinced, including flood victim Donald Sarsfield.

High River flood mitigation

The town of High River is building a network of dikes and berms to help prevent another catastrophic flood. (CBC)

"There so doggone much to do that I don't think it will happen in time."

His wife Shirley says the situation is still stressful.

"It's just been too much I feel our health has suffered. Anxiety, I guess anxiety is the word. It's really hard."

The flood mitigation projects are expected to cost millions of dollars.

The provincial government is paying for the projects.