For many living in High River, a huge step towards life before the flood is being reunited with their pets.

More than 1,100 pets were rescued following the disaster, and a lot of those animals are still waiting in shelters for their owners to be able to take them home.

Seven of Linda Marcotte’s eight dogs are staying at High River's Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation while she lives in a hotel. Her home is infested with mould.

"It was a godsend because otherwise I have no idea where they'd be," she said.

"They're like a part of me. It's very hard to exist each day without them. When I think about them I cry."

Kim Hessel, who runs the shelter, took in more than 600 animals at the height of the emergency — everything from dogs and cats to lizards and hamsters.

Most of the animals that remain are being held for families who are homeless.

"I don't need seven more dogs here, frankly. But you know the right thing to do is to help Linda get back on her feet by taking one worry away from her," Hessel said.

Hessel also has dogs and cats that haven't been claimed since the flood, she said.

The foundation founder says she goes out every night with food and water searching for pets that are still missing.