A city council committee is moving ahead with plans to sell two historic school buildings in Calgary.

The Hillhurst Cottage school building and the Capitol Hill Cottage school building — both located in northwest Calgary — would be sold and the money used to pay for renovations on other city-owned heritage properties.

Capitol Hill Cottage school

The Capitol Hill Cottage school, later known as St. Cyprian's 31st Scout Hall. (Calgary Public Library)

Last year the city sold an old fire hall in Inglewood for $2.3 million. The city says it will use some of that money to pay for badly-needed upgrades at the former YWCA building on 12th Avenue.

A report for the city says it would require more than $20 million to renovate all heritage properties owned by the city

Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra says the current policy will help the city save important historic buildings.

"We've had some successful transactions and we will have more successful transactions going," he said, "and we will slowly pull the entire heritage inventory that we retain out of the condition that it's in."

The committee is also discussing turning over the former Cecil Hotel building to the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation which will determine the future of the 100-year-old structure.