More fruit products sold at Save-On-Foods may be contaminated with hepatitis A, according to Alberta Health Services.

The products, which may be unbranded, were sold in stores across Alberta and had a best before date of Aug. 19.

  • Western Family Fruit Salad (198g)

  • Fruit Salad (227g and 425g)

  • Western Family Citrus Salad (226g)

  • Western Family Pineapple Chunks (served in 198 g ready-to-go cups)

  • Pineapple Chunks, fresh (227g and 425g)

Hepatitis A virus was first detected earlier this week in a sample of Western Family brand fresh pineapple chunks.

A full list of products is available on the Save-On-Foods website

According to Alberta Health Services, the risk of infection is considered to be low.

"Although the risk of infection is considered low, and no illnesses have been reported to date, individuals who believe they may have consumed the above noted products are encouraged to call Health Link by dialing 811. Health Link will discuss your recent history with you, and will advise on any next steps you may need to take."

Illness can happen within 15 to 50 days after exposure to the virus, but usually within 28 to 30 days. People can be infectious one to two weeks before symptoms occur until at least one week after the onset of illness. 

Hepatitis A vaccine can prevent infection if administered within 14 days after exposure, so people who ate the products after Aug. 23 should receive a dose of the vaccine.