Hells Angels members are rumbling into Calgary this weekend, local police and RCMP announced Thursday.

The Angels are on their way to Calgary to mark the 10th anniversary of the setting up of the Calgary chapter of the biker gang.

"Police are not anticipating any problems related to this gathering; however, the [Calgary Police] and RCMP are prepared to respond in a measured, balanced and appropriate manner if required," Calgary police said in a release.

It's estimated that there are about 500 full-fledged Hells Angels members in 32 active chapters across the country.

Police and RCMP have set up a checkstop west of Winnipeg, andpulled over several groups of the bikers Wednesday.

Officers are stopping every vehicle with out-of-province licence plates, looking for outstanding warrants and vehicle violations, police say.

The officers would not say whether they were specifically targeting the motorcycle gang. However, they said they expect members from every Angels chapter east of Winnipeg to drive through the city in the next few days.