Some frustrated apartment renters are finding themselves without heat after a Calgary cold snap left mechanical equipment malfunctioning.

Kamran Kambakhsh is bundling up in his downtown apartment. He says the heat hasn't been working properly for days.

Icy window

Ice on a sliding door in a Calgary apartment with heat problems this week. (CBC)

"They're saying they have to order parts and it has to be coming from Italy or something,” he said.

A spokesperson for the management of the building said two boilers in the towers weren’t working, but they provided electric heaters to concerned residents. 

“The problem has been diagnosed, the parts arrived in Calgary today and they should be installed within 24 hours,” said Martin Zegray of Realstar Management.

He also said the full 10 boilers aren't needed to keep the suites warm now that the weather has improved.

'Everybody's just going full tilt'

The cold weather contributes to slow service when equipment malfunctions, said Calgary Residential Rental Association executive director Gerry Baxter.

"How soon can you get the trades out there? You know, when can you get the plumbers in, when can you get heating specialists in to have a look at your boilers if the boiler is gone?" he said. 

"So you know, roads haven't been good, everybody's swamped. And we're hearing that it doesn't matter who you talk to, everybody's just going full tilt."

Baxter says most Calgary landlords work hard to fix problems when they happen and items like space heaters and extra blankets can do the trick in the short term.

But he says a few landlords can give the rest a bad name.

He suggests renters with major problems that aren't getting fixed should contact the residential tenancy dispute resolution service.