Calgary Stampede midway food is known for being deep-fried and served on a stick, but this year there seems to be more healthy and diverse options than in the past.

A long line could be seen at Saltspring Noodle Bar Sunday afternoon.

Owner Scott Dennis, said he made a point of offering a healthier option for Stampede goers.

 "We actually only cook with water, not any oils or anything like that," Dennis said. "We actually use a lot of fresh vegetables, chicken and noodles. We cook it all on our woks."

A long line was also next door, at Skewers Greek Donair.

Kim Scheibel, who works there, said business is good.

"People are very happy that we're here...That they have the healthy alternative," Scheibel said.

But Stampede goer Sarah Licastro said the healthy food isn't a replacement for all the deep fried Snickers, Mars Bars and cheese.

"It's just a little break before I eat all the crap stuff," Scheibel said.