Haunting Melissa movie sequel to be app-only production

A Calgary-based horror movie sequel will soon be haunting iPhones and iPads in an app-only release.

Horror film produced in Calgary will soon be haunting iPhones, iPads in app-only release

The second instalment of Haunting Melissa is pioneering a new way of entertainment. 2:16

A Calgary-based horror movie sequel will soon be haunting iPhones and iPads in an app-only release.

Calgary native Kassia Warshawski plays the title role of Melissa in the app-only production Haunting Melissa 2 and says filming the second instalment is even scarier than the first one. (CBC)

The first instalment of Haunting Melissa was released two years ago by the producer of horror films The Ring and Mulholland Drive. More than five million people saw that release but now, Haunting Melissa 2 is doing something entirely new for the film industry and coordinating an app-only release.

"It's not a movie stuffed into an app — it's a story broken into pieces, filmed and delivered through the application," said Neal Edelstein, the director.

Fans can download the Haunting Melissa app from the Apple store and from there, wait for notifications of new episodes.

Haunting Melissa 2 will be available at the click of a button by the end of fall.

However, those fond of going back to re-watch their favourite movie parts will be in for a surprise.

"If you watch the story and you go back an watch again, things may change and it's through the power of the software and hardware that we're able to do this," said Edelstein.

For some of the actors taking part in the production, Haunting Melissa 2 is a sign of what's to come in the film industry.

They say being a part of that is the ultimate reward.

"The more you can interact with the story you're telling, I mean, that's where it's going to go," said Travis Nelson, a Turner Valley native acting in the film. "I think the users want to be more involved so if you can give them that, that's a new level of storytelling."


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