The date has been set for an arbitration hearing into what compensation should be paid to residents of the Hampton Hills community in High River.

Greg Tychma, who now lives in Grande Prairie, Alta., says he has been told that arbitration will proceed in October, despite a government appeal.

"It's very surreal. [I] wish we had more news to go off off — wish it was all said and done a year later but it will come," he said.

People in Hampton Hills community were told after the flood that their homes were sacrificed in order to save other parts of the town.

During the flood, berms were built around Hampton Hills to contain the water and more was pumped into the area.

"The group is seeking fair market value compensation for the destruction and damage done to their homes and property by the province in the steps it took in combating the flood in High River in June 2013," said Tychma in a release. 

Residents were kept from their homes for close to a month.