Volunteers have harvested almost a hectare of fresh vegetables that will help feed those in need.

Grow Calgary volunteers sowed seeds this spring for the purpose of donating the entire harvest to the Calgary Food Bank.

"We planted 40 different types of vegetables, we planted one million seeds in the period of one month," said spokesman Paul Hughes.

Grow Calgary harvest

Volunteers celebrate the harvest on the weekend. (Grow Calgary)

The land, just west of Canada Olympic Park, was donated by the provincial government and the supplies were also donated.

"No man, woman or child [should] wake up in the morning or go to bed hungry,” said volunteer Cheryl Garratt

“We live in one of the most affluent, resourceful, technologically advanced cities in Canada, let alone the planet, and this is happening on my watch in my city. I want that to end."

Organizers hope next year’s harvest will be even bigger.