More than 500 people turned out for the Green Jobs Forum on Wednesday in Calgary to learn about career options in the rapidly expanding green economy.

Holding the event in Calgary made good sense because of the direction the energy sector is headed, said Eco Canada president Michael Kerford. 

His organization helped put the forum together.

“Environmental employment is linked to energy but there is a lot of great technology investment being done in that sector," he said. "A lot of work [is] being done on the renewable energy side.”

The forum featured presentations on market trends, clean capitalism, resource management challenges and the skills needed for green career paths.

Robert Orlovski, spokesman for Green Living Enterprises, said the aim was to provide people with actual job leads.

“There's this gap between the desire to want to work green and understanding what the opportunities actually are: what they are, where they are [and] how much money can you earn,” he said.

Dave Bains, an environmental planner with Shell Canada who gave a presentation, said it’s rewarding being part of the green economy. 

“I really enjoy getting a chance to be at the design table, speaking for the environment,” he said.

Kerford said he hopes to make the forum a yearly event.