The Calgary Zoo has made changes to its gorilla enclosure to improve safety and make it harder for the animals to escape.

Gorillas got out of the enclosure on two occasions last year because of human error.

Calgary Zoo gorilla

The gorillas at the Calgary Zoo have escaped their enclosure twice in the last year. (Calgary Zoo)

The zoo has invested in a new gating system and fencing to ensure there are no more escapes.

Curator Jamie Dorgan says gorillas are very smart.

"You have to really understand how they work and what things motivate them," he said. "They do watch what we do and if there's any opportunity for them to take advantage ... they definitely will."

The zoo has invested a total of $5.2 million in improvements to the Rainforest building.

  • Take a tour of the upgrades with CBC's Carla Beynon by watching the video above.

Vegetation has been added to the aviary and the boa enclosure, and changes were made to the space where the newly-arrived mandrills will go on display later this spring.