Good Samaritans helped fire crews with a rescue on the Bow River Saturday after a swimmer was caught in the fast-moving current.

The Calgary Fire Department Aquatic Rescue team was called to the Centre Street Bridge and the Bow River Saturday afternoon where they found three people in the river.

Two people were trying to pull the third to shallow water and out of the current.

Rescue crews entered the water, rescued the stranded swimmer and helped the two bystanders to shore.

According to fire department officials, one of the bystanders was walking near the river when he heard someone hanging from a partially submerged tree branch and calling out for help.

The bystander got the person to let go of the branch and was struggling to get them back to shore when a second bystander came to help.

All three were assessed by medical staff, but were not transported to hospital.

The person rescued from the river later admitted wanting to go for a swim because of seemingly warm temperatures, underestimating how cold and how fast the current was.

Fire department officials are urging people not to swim alone or consume alcohol on the river.