Global Petroleum Show drives up price of Calgary hotels

People in the market for a Calgary hotel room are in for some sticker shock.

More than 60,000 people are in town for the event

People in the market for a Calgary hotel room are in for some sticker shock.

With more than 60,000 people attending the Global Petroleum Show, Calgary hotel rooms are few and far between.

And, just like last year, those that are available come with a hefty price tag.

The Global Petroleum Show kicked off in Calgary on Tuesday. It runs from June 10 to 12 at Stampede Park, the Telus Convention Centre and other downtown venues. (Global Petroleum Show )

Teri Collins-English, who runs a bed and breakfast in northwest Calgary, says business is brisk. But she's not increasing her rates this week. 

"People are pretty frantic. We get a lot of personal assistants calling who are looking for executives to find a room that have decided to come at the last minute to the Global Petroleum Show and they can't find a room."

Collins-English says many people turn to bed and breakfasts during peak times like this because hotels hike their rates.          

"It's adding more stress on an already stressful situation,” says Yvonne Babij, who is on her way to Calgary from Kamloops to see her uncle who is in hospital on life support.

“It's just really frustrating.”

Her search for an affordable hotel room has turned up nothing.

"One property quoted me $4,300 for three nights. And another property $440 for one night."

Babij isn't sure where she'll stay.

“It’s a bit of highway robbery. I guess it’s the market, right? Supply and demand and apparently these rooms are in demand and they're able to ask these prices. But for someone in my situation, I just can't spend that kind of money.”

Prices will likely come down soon. The Global Petroleum Show wraps up Thursday.