glenmore safety

Drivers must learn to slow down and allow more room between vehicles when conditions are unsafe, says Mac Logan, the city's transportation department manager. (CBC)

The city has no immediate plans to upgrade the median or guardrails along a section of Glenmore Trail in the wake of a fatal crash on the weekend, a senior official said Monday.

A 63-year-old woman was killed on Saturday morning after a driver lost control between Deerfoot Trail and Blackfoot Trail and crossed into on-coming traffic. The woman who was killed was a passenger in another vehicle.

It was the second fatal collision on the same stretch of the busy roadway in the past couple of months.

Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra wants the city to look at the median and guard rails along high-speed stretches of the road.

"We'll be looking at this particular stretch of highway. We could probably look at all kinds of things across the city. We just simply don't have the money for that and what we're trying to do is we're trying to mitigate people taking unnecessary risks, so please drive smarter."

The general manager of the city's transportation department, Mac Logan, said driver error appears to be more of a factor than the road itself.

“People are driving too quickly for the road conditions and they're not giving enough space. They're not slowing down enough and they need to realize a vehicle is a weapon,” he said.

“And when you're driving a 5,000-pound vehicle faster than it can stop or turn that this is the kind of consequence that can occur, and it all comes down to the drivers and Calgarians really need to smarten up when the road conditions are like this.”

Police are still investigating Saturday’s crash.