A temporary interchange at 37th Street and Glenmore Trail S.W. opens Saturday in Calgary. ((City of Calgary))

A new temporary interchange set to open at 37th Street S.W. this weekend will create a 12-kilometre stretch of Glenmore Trail without any traffic lights.

Signals are being removed early Saturday as north-south traffic on 37th Street will begin traveling over Glenmore Trail on a new bridge, city officials said.

 "The removal of these traffic signals means Calgarians can now drive from Sarcee Trail to Ogden Road, without encountering a single traffic signal," said Gordon Stewart, the city's director of transportation and infrastructure.

But the $15-million interchange is just a temporary fix as the city continues to work with the province on a permanent plan for a southwest ring road.

"This is intended to be that interim solution and to be recycled once all the answers are known," Stewart said.

Work will continue for about another month as crews finish building a roundabout on 37th Street S.W. north of Glenmore Trail, lengthening the merge lanes to and from Glenmore Trail, and upgrading the existing roundabout on the south side of Glenmore Trail.

The roundabouts might at first be confusing for drivers getting on and off 37th Street, said Stewart.

"There'll be a learning curve that people have to go through. Some people are more familiar with roundabouts than others, and so people will just have to pay attention and take it easy.  Better to start on a Saturday and to bring people in over the weekend," he said.