Eastbound Glenmore Trail was blocked off near the approach to Deerfoot Trail in southeast Calgary after steel debris fell on the roadway early Wednesday morning. 

Several vehicles suffered blown tires from what fire officials said was a piece of angle iron from an expansion joint that came off the 11th Street bridge, according to reports on social media.

glenmore bridge incident debris

Metal debris from the 11th Street bridge fell on Glenmore Trail near Deerfoot Trail early Wednesday morning. (Monty Kruger/CBC)

City transportation spokesman Sean Somers said crews planned to pour concrete in place of the expansion joint as an interim fix. 

"With changes in the weather and the temperature, the ambient temperature and the temperature of this road surface, [the expansion joint] is meant to float and expand as required," he said.

"Obviously the middle is not supposed to pop out."

The bridge is scheduled to be replaced later this year, Somers said, adding residents with damaged vehicles should keep repair receipts and apply to the city for reimbursement.