The CEO of the Glenbow Museum has resigned after 19 years with the organization.

In a release, the Glenbow says Kirstin Evenden is leaving to pursue new avenues in her career. She had been head of the organization for nearly four years.

The interim president will be Donna Livingstone.


Glenbow Museum president and CEO Kirstin Evenden has resigned. (CBC)

She is taking a leave from her position as the director with libraries and cultural resources at the University of Calgary.

Kim Hallis, the local union representative for Glenbow employees, said communication was an issue for staff.

"Big concerns always with workload, lack of staff and just not feeling that their voice was being heard in a way that was valuable to them, so we're really hopeful for change towards that."

Hallis said the institution needs a clear vision of where it's going to succeed.

"We always want to express and share with our community and we're not really sure how that messaging is getting out," Hallis said.

The museum is facing financial problems and has been running a deficit of more than $1 million.

There were also 14 positions eliminated in August.