Now that children are back in school, parents are getting back to their work behind the scenes.

But from school to school, parental participation levels vary.

Sonia Aranda sits on councils at two schools in the northeast where her children are enrolled.

But only a handful of parents are on the council with her, she said.

"We don't have big groups of parents on our councils. We wish we had more."

Aranda said the shortage of parents volunteering their time for school councils can make fundraising a challenge.

"We’ve always tried to get them on board but, there's not much I can say to that. It bothers us in a way that we wish, yeah, we’d more people involved, but also we understand the reasons why they're not."

Arand said getting involved can be quite rewarding.

"My favourite part of school councils personally is getting to know how the system works and how that can benefit my children going to school," Aranda said.

At schools where parental involvement and fundraising are a challenge, the Calgary Board of Education tries to step in and help, officials said.