Despite paying up to $2 million for their homes, residents in an exclusive Calgary community say they have no running water on some days.

Glen Chan bought a home in The Slopes, a gated community perched on the western edge of Calgary with views of the Rockies, this summer but was shocked to find nothing but hissing air when he turned on the taps sometimes.

"I think at this price point and for houses of this calibre, I would expect delivery of essential services," said Chan.

The community is stuck between old water standards left over from the Municipal District of Rocky View, and new infrastructure that hasn't been built yet by the City of Calgary.

Annexation leaves area in water limbo

The Slopes became part of Calgary through an annexation deal with Rocky View in 1995.

The Slopes' private well system met all requirements set out by Rocky View. Now that the area is part of Calgary, the city says residents will just have to wait until development reaches them to hook up to Calgary's water supply.

"The infrastructure is not there yet. It's not a common occurrence but it is something that happens when annexation occurs," said Jennifer Sharp, spokesperson for Calgary's water resources department.

John Logel, president of The Slopes Community Association, said officials are not returning his phone calls asking for help in fixing the water issue, even though the community of 120 homes paid about $1 million this yearin property taxes.

Some residents have shelled out for water tanks, as it's unclear how long it will be before the area is hooked up to the city water supply.