One of three people accused of kicking a Calgary man to death testified in his own defence today.

John Herrera Garcia was on his way home with groceries when he was attacked in the Beltline in May 2012. He never recovered and died in hospital four months later.

John Herrera Garcia

John Herrera Garcia died from his injuries months after being beaten on May 23, 2012. (Calgary Sun)

Garrett Smith, Jarod Henry and Chantelle Campbell are all charged with second-degree murder.

Smith told a Calgary courtroom on Monday that he did not participate in the attack. 

"I wanted nothing to do with what was going on," said Smith. "I was scared." 

The trio had been drinking together and were in a car on 14th Street southwest when Smith testified Herrera Garcia approached the vehicle.

Others accused to also testify

Smith said the man came up to the driver's side rear window and said something that caused Henry and Campbell to get out of the car and chase the victim.

Accused in Beltline beating

Garrett Smith, Chantelle Campbell and Jarod Henry are all charged with second-degree murder. (Facebook)

Somehow, Herrera Garcia ended up on the ground and Smith testified that Campbell began kicking him in the face. 

He said he yelled "enough, enough" at Campbell and Henry, who eventually stopped. Smith estimated the attack only lasted a matter of seconds.

Police have said in the past they believe the attack was unprovoked.

The prosecution has concluded its case. It is expected the other accused will also testify in their own defence.

After final submissions the case will be in the hands of the jury.