People living in Longview are worried that an oil company might soon begin fracking in their village.  

Residents packed a community hall on Wednesday night in the village 65 kilometres south of Calgary to voice those concerns.

Calgary-based Legacy Oil and Gas, which has many projects in southwest Alberta, has been drilling in the Longview area.

But there is no immediate plan to begin fracking, said the company’s vice president of production Curt Labelle.

"There's always a chance that we might frack in the future but again we are regulated by the ERCB and Alberta Environment," he said.

Fracking is the process of injecting water and chemicals into underground rock formations. The idea is to break the rock apart, freeing trapped shale gas and oil.

Longview resident Kathie Selbee wants water-testing procedures in place before any fracking occurs. She’s worried about chemicals ending up in the local drinking water.

"I think we all want to know, is the testing sufficient given our unique circumstances for our situation," said Selbee.

Labelle said the company already tests the community's water, but for seeping oil, not chemicals.