Furry flood victims rescued from rising waters

Among the evacuees rescued from Alberta's raging water are people's animals.

Calgary Zoo animals are doing fine after move to higher ground, say officials

Krystal Lelond of Black Diamond, Alta., clutches her cat Pipi after being evacuated from her home on Thursday after the Sheep River overflowed its banks. (Jordan Verlage/Canadian Press)

Among the evacuees rescued from Alberta's raging water are people's animals, and the Calgary Humane Society has seen dozens of pets coming in.

A Good Samaritan dropped off a litter of four-week old kittens early Friday morning, rescued them from under a deck that, by now, would surely be flooded.

The Calgary Humane Society is prepared to take in animals and are providing free pet sitting at their southeast location for as long as it takes, says general manager Ainsley Grant.

The society is also taking in any and all animals — including exotic species like snakes.

"We don't want any pets left behind," Grant said.

"So, when evacuating, if you can't take your furry friends with you, take them to the Humane Society."

Others offer to take in pets

Many veterinarians and dog daycares throughout the city are also volunteering their space.

Natasha's Dog Grooming has offered to take in any pets at its location at 86 Erinwoods Court S.E.

"Our hearts go out to those affected by the floods," said the owner.

K9 Corner has also opened its doors for anyone who may need a safe place for their dog.

"If there is demand for it, I will keep my doors open all weekend," said Steven Gonzales. "We will board, walk, feed and care for your dog."

Calgary Animal Control also has room, but road access to its southeast location may be difficult. The centre is staying open through the night and weekend 24 hours a day.

Calgary Zoo finds flood-safe homes for animals

Most animals at the Calgary Zoo have been moved to higher ground to temporarily escape the city's rising floodwaters.

Zoo officials relocated the facility's pot-bellied pigs to the city's animal shelter and two zebras to the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre.

"Water levels in zoo dropping slightly," the zoo tweeted. "Zoo without power in some areas, but animal staff have been monitoring and animals are fine."

There have been no injuries to animals or zoo staff to this point, say officials.

While all the animals are currently safe in their temporary new homes, the zoo is preparing its lions, tigers and other exotic carnivores for transfer — possibly to prisoner holding cells at the courthouse.

The zoo remains temporarily closed until at least Sunday.

"Sunday afternoon we will assess the situation further," the zoo tweeted.

Flooding has forced many animals at the Calgary Zoo, like these ibex, to seek higher ground. (Courtesy of Phil Shaw)