Police say they have busted an active organized crime group operating in Western Canada after a stolen credit card was used in an attempt to rent a car at the Calgary airport.

Police were alerted by a car rental company on Oct. 22.

A search discovered forged credit cards, forged government identification cards and altered cards containing stolen credit card data, illegal drugs and a replica firearm. Officers also located stolen property and $1,063 in cash.

Staff Sgt. Kristie Verheul said the group is based in Calgary, but has been active in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. 

Only two victims of identity theft have been identified. Verheul said banks and credit card issuers were the main victims because the group was using an algorithm found on the internet to generate credit card numbers and false identities.

She also said the presence of drugs and stolen property indicates there was a variety of criminal activity taking place.

"The trend we are seeing nowadays is that all of this type of crime is interrelated," she said.

A man and a woman in their 20s are facing charges.

Two other people police believe were working with the couple are also facing charges following a six-month investigation prompted by numerous complaints about fraud.