Consumers who allegedly who lost more than a million dollars in a Canmore-based time share operation are wondering why criminal charges were stayed.

Company owners â€” Andre Muran of Canmore and Kim Schram of Edmonton â€” were charged last summer with 168 counts of fraud over $5,000 and two dozen charges under the Alberta Fair Trading Act in connection with four time share firms: Chateau World Vacations Inc., Properties International Ltd., Royal Crown Resorts Ltd. and Royal Club Resorts Inc.

It's alleged the companies misled its customers by saying their investments would be safe in the event of any problems.

But when the businesses collapsed, investors lost everything.


La Velle Goodwin was stunned that fraud charges against an Alberta-based time share company were stayed. (Courtesy of La Velle Goodwin)

Crown prosecutors decided this week there wasn't strong enough evidence to go to trial.

La Velle Goodwin invested in Royal Club Resorts Inc.

She sucessfully sued to get her money back, but also created a website warning others about the company and its owners.

Goodwin been following the criminal proceedings closely.

"I'm stunned because every step of the way I knew that if I just kept pushing eventually the system was going to stand up and say ‘No, you can't do this, you can't behave this way and we won't have it.’ The fact that it has turned out like this, I'm stunned."

The Alberta Justice Department has one year to reinstate the charges if new information comes forward.

The charges stem from nearly 60 complaints, but the province received more than 600 and believes investors lost millions of dollars.