The Mayor of Fort Macleod says he's dropped his fight with the province to fulfill its promise to build a police college.

The Alberta government cancelled its plans to build the training centre there in August, after years of promises and a ground breaking ceremony.

Fort Macleod mayor Shawn Patience says he's now focusing on getting reimbursed for the millions of dollars the town invested in the project.

He says the meetings so far with the province have been optimistic.

"You know it’s our goal at this point and clearly the province's goal to ensure that those costs aren't bore by our taxpayers, so we have been working with them through this process to try and come to a resolution and to find a way to mitigate the economic effects the cancellation has had on Fort Macleod, Patience explained.

He says the town spent $7 million building service lines to the proposed site, which he is trying to recoup as well as other indirect investments.