Former alderman Jon Lord to seek federal seat

Former Calgary alderman Jon Lord confirmed to CBC News Monday he will run in the Calgary-Centre byelection.

Former Calgary alderman Jon Lord says he is officially throwing his hat into the federal ring.

Lord confirmed to CBC News Monday he will seek the Conservative Party's nomination for the yet to be announced Calgary-Centre byelection.

He was an elected as an alderman in Calgary in 1995 and again in 1998.

Lord also served as an MLA under Ralph Klein.

In the last civic election, he ran for mayor but lost to Naheed Nenshi. He was also the unsuccessful candidate for Alberta PC nomination this year in Calgary-Currie.

He also owns Casablanca Video in Marda Loop, the country's second oldest video rental store.

Other declared candidates so far include alderman John Mar and political pundit Joan Crockatt.

Elections Canada announced earlier this month that July 30 is the earliest a byelection can be held.

But most political observers don't expect a summer vote. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has until the end of the year to call a vote in the riding held until recently by Conservative Lee Richardson. 

A vote could happen in early 2013.