Even though summer is winding down in Calgary, some insects are kicking into high gear.

Calgarians may already be seeing swarms of flying ants around town.

  • For more on flying ants and jewel spiders from the Royal Alberta Museum's Pete Heule click on the "Listen" button above. 

It's the typical time of year for ant reproduction, but when their family colonies get too big they take off in search of mates.

Only new queens and males sprout wings.

Cyclists in Calgary may want to wear masks to avoid inhaling the bugs on their rides home.

Jewel spiders also out in full force

Jewel spiders

Jewel spiders will also become more noticeable in Calgary as females get ready to lay their eggs. (Terry Thormin/royalalbertamuseum.ca)

Another insect hitting its stride right now is the jewel spider.

These spiders start out really small, but in late August the females grow to be as big as loonies because they are producing dozens of tiny eggs — which they'll lay just before the first frost and then die.

The spiders aren't harmful but you may notice them more because of their sheer size at this time of year.