Tens of millions of dollars is on its way to flood victims on the Siksika First Nation 90 kilometres east of Calgary.

The provincial government is committing $83 million to rebuild or repair 167 homes and restore damaged infrastructure, a project that could take up to five years to complete.

Home care nurse Shirley Smith says she's seen the toll the flood, and the cramped temporary accommodations, have taken on her community.

Crow Chief

Siksika tribal manager Romeo Crow Chief said he is looking forward to his flood-ravaged community getting rebuilt. (CBC)

"I go out and visit all these clients, it’s depressing, it’s affecting everyone,” she said.

Richard Raw Eater, whose home of 40 years was washed away in the disastrous June flood, is living in dorm-style accommodations among rows of ATCO trailers.

While he's thankful to have a roof over his head, he said spending another few years in a makeshift home will be hard.

"That's pretty long, but I'll wait, if I live that long.”

Siksika tribal manager Romeo Crow Chief said in the meantime, a temporary neighbourhood is being built — a step-up in comfort from the trailers.

“So I am looking forward to this rebuilding. It gives hope to the community members, it gives hope there's a positive future.”