Red Cross officials say they are getting more requests every week from people who have housing issues related to last June's flood.

The organization has helped 6,000 people in southern Alberta since the flood hit and received 60 requests for help since Dec. 1 — with more requests expected by the end of the month.

Spokeswoman Jenn McManus says people are still coming in every week who need help with utilities, making a rent or mortgage payment, or finding housing of their own after being flooded out. In some cases, people who didn't think they would need help are now calling.

“We have clients that are telling our case workers all the time that they're living with friends, they're living with co-workers, they're living with relatives. There's a lot of couch surfing still happening and we know that families are also living with other family members, so it's very emotionally and psychologically challenging.”

McManus says the Red Cross is already planning to assist residents for the next two years in High River and likely as long in Calgary.

Canadians have donated $39 million to the organization for flood relief, $17 million of which has been spent.