The City of Calgary says it has already spent $25 million repairing roads damaged by the floods.

That is just a portion of the roughly $400 million cost associated with flood recovery in the city so far.

Today the media was taken on a tour of some of the worst hit areas.


The city hopes to rebuild all the damaged pedestrian bridges by the fall of 2014. (CBC)

Ryan Jestin, the director of roads, said rainy weather that has been lingering in Calgary since the floods is having an impact on the work around the city.

He said crews have encountered some extra challenges in the area around Heritage Drive as it passes under Glenmore Trail.

"We discovered some environmental concerns, in particular a battery and some other debris that may have been the site of some environmental contamination," said Jestin. "So it's taken us almost a month longer than it normally would to rebuild this road." 

The section will likely cost $2 million to repair, and is expected to open by Aug. 15.

City crews are also busy repairing damaged pedestrian bridges, and hope to complete the work by September 2014.