Bernard Callebaut chocolate pretzels

Flood damage to Bernard Callebaut's Calgary factory means there will be no chocolate-covered pretzels available from the retailer this year. (Credit: Bernard Callebaut)

If you're a fan of Bernard Callebaut's chocolate-covered pretzels, a shortage this holiday season might have you feeling like the Grinch.

The southern Alberta floods damaged the company's factory in Calgary and now certain products aren't being made — including the chocolate-covered pretzel.

The damage forced staff to bring back some old-school methods to deal with the unexpected challenge.

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"They are doing a lot of things by hand," said Bernard Callebaut spokesperson Kristen Halpen. "It's been really interesting for a lot of the chocolatiers because they've gone back to the old ways of doing things, so it's a lot more hands-on activity too."

Halpen says the factory is operating at about 95 per cent and hopes to be back to 100 per cent in the new year.

In the meantime, Canadians at the chain's 34 stores will be out of luck when it comes to finding the popular stocking stuffer.