The internet is buzzing today about a computer animation showing the inside of what could be a new arena for the Calgary Flames.

However, beyond the few seconds of animation little is known about it or a new home for the NHL team. 

Ken King, Calgary Flames president

Calgary Flames president Ken King. (CBC)

The animation shows an NHL-sized arena with the Flames logo at centre ice and images of Flames players on the jumbotron.

It was put together by a company called Populous, an architectural firm which has designed a number of sports facilities around the world.

And it would not be the first time the Flames have been the subject of leaked information on the web.

Last year, the Flames' new third jersey showed up months before it was unveiled.

Flames president Ken King says the animation is just one concept they have seen done by architectural firms, but the company has not been retained by the team.

He also says the Flames do not have a timeline on a new building.

"We have been working on our building, we continue to work on it," said King. 

"Our hope is to announce something when we are ready, and we are not there yet."

Coun. Ray Jones, who is the city's representative on the Saddledome Foundation board, says they haven't heard anything about a new arena and city council has no money for it anyway.

"Probably none because we have a deficit already," he said. "We've got billions of dollars short in infrastructure requirements that we have to build and an arena isn't on the top of our list — I can tell you that." 

Calgary Saddledome in winter

A Flames logo in an arena concept video is not a sign that an announcement about a new stadium is imminent, says the Calgary hockey team. (CBC)