The University of Calgary is offering a unique guarantee to some students: graduate in four years, or extra tuition will be covered by the school.

Unveiling the "graduation guarantee" on Monday, the U of C becomes the first university in Canada to commit to paying a student's fees for any extra courses beyond four years that are needed to finish certain degrees.

The deal is open to students embarking on four-year degree programs in the faculties of communication and culture, social sciences, science and humanities.

Among the requirements, the full-time students will have to meet regularly with academic advisers and maintain a good academic standing.

In return, the university ensures all necessary courses will be available and will provide appropriate support to students, it said on Monday. If the school cannot live up to its side of the bargain, it will waive tuition for courses in a subsequent semester or make alternate arrangements for students to complete required credits.

By Friday, 60 first-year students who should graduate in 2012 had signed up for the program. They have until Sept. 12 to enrol.

"I know I might change my mind or not end up graduating in four years for some reason, but I want to give it a try," said Paul Mingo, a biology major who started classes at the U of C on Monday. "Knowing that I'll be able to get all of the courses I need or I don't have to pay sounds good to me."