The closing argument strategy of the lawyer of a former Calgary forensic psychiatrist accused of sexually assaulting male patients was to discredit the Crown's star witness who videotaped two of his sessions with a wristwatch spy cam.

The videos shown in a Calgary courtroom last October captured Dr. Aubrey Levin touching the man's genitals.

Defence lawyer Chris Archer called the witness a liar and a manipulator who was motivated by greed, which he said was evident in the alleged victim's $4.5 million lawsuit against Levin.

Archer called the witness a perpetrator, not a victim, and said he is "off the scale in terms of a bad character."

As for the eight other allleged victims, Archer argued they jumped on board with their allegations once the case became public.

The trial has gone on much longer than its orginally scheduled six weeks. Now going on three months, the trial was delayed when Levin fired his lawyer, when Levin was hospitalized and when a juror was dismissed. 

Defence closing arguments are expected to wrap up Monday, with Crown arguments planned for Tuesday.

On Friday, the judge is expected to charge the jury, who will be sequestered until they reach a verdict.