Thousands of employees with the Calgary Board of Education are said to be experiencing problems associated with faulty payroll software.

Board spokesman Ted Flitton says the software causing the problems is called PeopleSoft and has affected about 4,000 people since it was installed in February.

He says in some cases it has delayed paycheques or benefit payments.

Bill Flookes, a manager with the CBE Staff Association, says he has fielded hundreds of calls, some from people who can't pay their mortgage or who are getting a bad credit rating.

Laura Chevrier, a lunchtime supervisor who works with students with special needs, says she has been working through red tape trying to resolve a long-standing problem related to the software.

She took a leave to get married and returned to work at the beginning of April. But the new program is misinterpreting her absence as a sick leave and she hasn't been paid since April 21. She's trying to convince administration she doesn't need a doctor's note.

Chevrier says if she didn't have the support of her spouse, she would be on the streets by now.

"Well I know I would be much more upset if I wasn't secure with being married," she told CBC News. "It must be awful if people find themselves in this situation and they have nothing else to support them."

Flitton says administrators have been working late nights and weekends to get payments out to workers. He says all employees, from teachers to senior managers, have had problems.